Zlatan Ibrahimovic debut

Zlatan Ibrahimovic debut like only Zlatan can

Zlatan Ibrahimovic moved a few days ago from Manchester to Los Angeles. A big move like this will influence every player in the world, not Zlatan. Two days after he arrived in LA, he started on the bench for the new derby between LA Galaxy and LA Fc. The Zlatan Ibrahimovic debut match started in the worst possible way for the home team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic debut match

Carlos Vela scored the first goal of the match for LA Fc in the fifth minute of this match. 20 minutes later he scored his second goal of the match. An own goal by LA Galaxy in the extra time of the first half brought the score to 0-3 by halftime. Sebastian Lletget did something back for Galaxy in the 61st minute. Then it was time for Zlatan Ibrahomvic. The Swedish giant entered the pitch in the 71st minute, two minutes later his teammate Pontius scored the 2-3. In the 77th minute Zlatan scored a goal only Zlatan can score. I can try to describe this goal, but it’s better you just watch it:

A comeback from 0-3 down to 3-3 is an amazing achievement for LA Galaxy, but Zlatan wouldn’t be Zlatan if he left it like this. A header in the 91st minute, assisted by former Chelsea player Ashley Cole, led to the 4-3 for LA Galaxy. He entered the pitch in the 71st minute being 1-3 `behind; he left the pitch with a 4-3 victory. This is a typical Zlatan Ibrahimovic debut match. I think the MLS will really enjoy having him there.

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