Big 3 in Loenhout

Wout van Aert wins in Loenhout after epic sprint

We’ve been posting about the cyclocross over the last few days. Van der Poel, Pidcock and Van Aert have fought some amazing battles already this week. The last cross of the year has not disappointed in the least. After a new duel of the greats, Wout van Aert won the Exact Cross in Loenhout. The Belgian champion beat Mathieu van der Poel and Tom Pidcock in an impressive sprint with three. What a finish that was!

Day rest

Van der Poel said before the start that the day without a race did him good yesterday and that was noticeable. The Dutchman shot scorchingly from the starting blocks and Wout van Aert immediately had to get out of his pipe to be part of it. But that worked and in the wake of the Belgian champion Pidcock also joined. What followed was a clash in the style of Gavere, Heusden-Zolder and Diegem.

Battle of Loenhout

The fans were also spoiled in Loenhout. Van der Poel made the best impression – he was certainly technically superior – and was able to close a gap every now and then. But each time Van Aert returned to character. Impressive. The spectators loved to see it happen. They got another duel to lick thumbs and fingers. In the sixth round, Van der Poel pulled through very firmly, but Van Aert was unable to release. Pidcock also rose from the dead several times. Even during the race it’s extremely hard to decide who to put your free bets on.

Little mistakes

After a mistake by Van Aert, Van der Poel seemed to be on his way to victory in the final round, but ‘MVDP’ also made another slipper. And so we went sprinting with three. The asphalt strip was long and Van Aert settled into third position. That was the right choice. Our compatriot went impressively over his rivals and did not stop. For Van Aert it is his fourth victory in eight days.

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