World Cup day 8 results

World Cup day 8 results | Poor Argentina

A week after the start of the World Cup the first teams qualified for the knockout stages. In this post we discuss the World Cup day 8 results.

World Cup day 8 results

The 8th day of the World Cup started with the match between Denmark and Australia, this one was followed by France versus Peru and Argentina versus Croatia was the final match of the evening.

Denmark versus Australia

The first match of this day was an interesting one. Denmark won their first match, while Australia lost after a strong match against France. Denmark was the better team at the start of this match and it was Christian Eriksen who scored a great goal after a beautiful assist by Jorgensen. From this goal it was more Australia’s match which eventually led to a penalty for the Socceroos. Mile Jedinak was the one for this task and he did it perfectly. Both teams went back the dressing room with a 1-1 score and this score remained on the scoreboard for the entire second half.

France versus Peru

I expected a little bit more from France in the first match so I hoped to see it against Peru. But it was Peru who dominated this match. The biggest chances however were there for the French team. Although Peru was the better team, I never really feared for France. Kylian Mbappe opened the score in the 34th minute. This goal should really open this match up, with more pressure from Peru and the speedy French attackers. Unfortunately the French team did everything to kill the match without trying to score their second goal. Peru failed to score and France qualified for the next round.

Argentina versus Croatia

The final match of this day was an interesting one. After Argentina’s draw against Iceland they needed to win this match, but once again they proved to be a poor side. Their manager leaves too many quality players on the bench in my opinion and plays with a defensive tactics. They never managed to play the way that suits Messi the best and they paid the price for this. A blunder by Willy Cabellero led to the 1-0 for Croatia. This goal broke Argentina’s spirit and they never ever came close to the opposites goal. Croatia played a perfect second half and scored two more goals, winning this match with 3-0.

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