World Cup day 7 results

World Cup Day 7 results | All close calls

The seventh day of the World Cup was the completion of the first week of this tournament. I have to be honest with you guys, it haven’t been the most exciting week in the world of football. In this post we discuss the World Cup day 7 results.

World Cup day 7 results

The seventh day of this World Cup started with Morocco versus Portugal, followed by Uruguay versus Saudi Arabia and the last match of the day was Spain versus Iran.

Portugal versus Morocco

Sometimes you know how a match is going to develop and this was one like that. Portugal took an early lead thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored with a header from a corner, bringing his team 1-0 up. From this moment the Portuguese left the ball to Morocco and lied back. Morocco created some serious big chances, but they failed in finishing them. Captain Benatia got the biggest chances, but he couldn’t turn them into a goal. The 1-0 score remained on the scoreboard and Morocco is eliminated from this tournament. A dive by Pepe was probably one of the strangest one I’ve ever seen.

Uruguay versus Saudi Arabia

I expected a lot from Uruguay in this match, but things didn’t go according to plan. They did score the 1-0 thanks to Luis Suarez, but just like Portugal earlier on this day, this was the sign for Uruguay to sit back and wait. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia proved to be a poor team, Uruguay wasn’t willing to score some extra goals in this match.

Iran versus Spanje

I think everybody expected a lot from Spain for this match. After the 3-3 draw against Portugal, which was the best match so far on this tournament. But Iran clearly didn’t want to join the big Spain show. The Iranians parked two busses in front of the goal and they managed to get through the first half without conceding. Ten minutes in the second half it was Diego Costa who scored with a whole lot of luck the 1-0 for Spain. A few minutes later Iran celebrated the 1-1, but this one was declined due to offside. This is the third match that finished in a 1-0 on the 7th day of the World Cup.

Which 1-0 was the most disappointing of this World Cup day 7 results?

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