World Cup Day 6 results

World Cup Day 6 results | Senegal wins

The Sixth day of this World Cup was a special one. Poland versus Senegal was the last match of the first round and a few hours later it was up to Egypt and Russia to start the second round of the group stage. In this post we discuss the World Cup day 6 results.

World Cup day 6 results

The sixth day of this World Cup it was still waiting for the first African victory on this tournament. Senegal was the last African team which had the chance to do so. The first match of this day was the one between Japan and Colombia.

Japan versus Colombia

The match was already over before both teams settled in the match. A handball by Carlos Sanchez led to a penalty and red card in the third minute of this match. Kagawa netted this penalty and Colombia was forced to play 87 minutes with 10 men. Colombia did score the equaliser in the end of the first half, but a goal by Osaka in the 73rd minute led to 2-1 victory for Japan.

Poland versus Senegal

This was a tough one to call in advance. Two teams where the striker is the most important player. Robert Lewandowski is the main striker for Poland and Sadio Mane is the big man for Senegal. A deflected shot led to an own goal by Poland defender Cionek. Senegal led with 1-0 by half-time and a strange situation in the second half led to the 2-0. Niang left the pitch injured, when he was ready, the ref signed him he could join the play again. At this moment Krychowiak played the ball back towards the keeper, but he didn’t saw Niang entering the pitch again. Niang took the ball and went on to score the 2-0. Krychowiak made up for his mistake by scoring the 2-1, but it was too late for Poland to get a result. Senegal wins this match with 2-0 and is the first African team to win on this tournament.

Russia versus Egypt

The last match of the day was the first match of the second group stage round. The home team really showed they get a boost by the support of their fans and dominated the first half. Despite some chances, they failed to score a goal in the first 45 minutes. They didn’t need long in the second half. An own goal in the 47th minute led to the 1-0 for Russia. Cheryshev and Dzubya lifted the score to 3-0 in the 59th and 62nd minute. Egyptian striker Mo Salah scored on back from the penalty spot, which brought the end score on 3-1 for Russia. With this result they are qualified for the round of 16.

What was your favourite of these World Cup day 6 results?

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