World Cup day 5 results

World Cup day 5 results | Late winner Harry Kane

I still can’t believe time goes this fast. It feels like days ago since the Champions League final was played, now we’re already heading towards the second round of the World Cup group stage. Russia and Egypt will open the second round later today. In this post we first look back at the World Cup day 5 results.

World Cup day 5 results

Day 5 was once again a day with three first round matches in the group stages. We started the day with Sweden versus South Korea, than it was up to Belgium and Panama. The day finished with the interesting match between England and Tunesia.

Sweden versus South Korea

This wasn’t the most exciting match we’ve seen so far during this tournament. Sweden was the better team, but it had a lot to do with the weakness of South Korea. The highlight of this match was the interference of VAR, which led to a penalty kick for Sweden. Their captain Granqvist took his responsibility and netted the penalty easily. This brought the Swedish side a 1-0 victory, giving them a good start in the group.

Belgium versus Panama

I was really looking forward to this match. Belgium is one of the strongest teams in my opinion and Panama made his debut on the World Cup stage. The Panamanian side showed a real fighting spirit in the first half, but an early goal in the second half by Dries Mertens broke their spirit. Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku lifted the score from 1-0 to 3-0 with two good goals.

Tunesia versus England

After the victory for the Belgiums, England knew they needed a victory to keep on terms with Belgium. England started the match really well and deserved the early goal that Harry Kane scored. It looked to become a walkover, but the referee gave Tunisia a dubious penalty. Sassi scored this perfect opportunity and equalised the score. They English side kept dominating this match but they had trouble to find the second goal. Until their captain stood up. Harry Kane positioned himself in the penalty box by a corner and headed the ball agains the back of the net. This was the 2-1 for England and I have to say, it was well deserved.

Which of this World Cup day 5 results was the most impressive one? Let us know in the comments.

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