World Cup day 4 results

World Cup day 4 results | Shock after Shock

This Sunday was already the fourth day of this World Cup. It’s the day that two of the biggest favourites for the title starting their journey. Brazil and Germany both started their World Cup 2018 journey on this Sunday. Read our view on the World Cup day 4 results below.

World Cup day 4 results

The day started with the match between Serbia and Costa Rica. This was a good start before the day continued with Germany versus Mexico and the last match of this day between Brazil and Switzerland.

Costa Rica versus Serbia

The first match of a big tournament is always important, especially when you’re in one group with Brazil. Therefore it’s extremely important for both teams to win the first match. The start of this match was a little bit shaky, both teams seemed to be too much aware of the importance of this match. There were some chances in the first half, but it wasn’t really excited to watch. One moment in the second half decided this match. It was Aleksander Kolarov who scored with a beautiful free-kick. The 1-0 victory for Serbia can be vital for their chances to progress in this tournament.

Germany versus Mexico

A strong Mexico side played a very clever match against one of the favourites for this tournament. They gave Germany the ball and tried to hit them on the counter attack. This tactics proved to be very successful when Hirving Lozano scored the 1-0 for Mexico in the 35th minute. Germany almost bounced back immediately but they failed to bring the ball behind Ochoa. Germany really tried pushing forward, but even in the second half, it was Mexico with the most danger on the counter. The 1-0 score remained on the scoreboard and Mexico started this tournament in the best possible way.

Brazil versus Switzerland

After the shocks by Argentina and Germany, it was Brazil’s turn to show why they are one of the favourites. The yellow canaries started really good and took the lead thanks to a wonderful goal by Coutinho. Unfortunately this goal was the reason that Brazil took a step back. They gave Switzerland to grow in the match and the Swiss team did. A corner early in the second half led to the equaliser. Brazil never recovered from this disaster and is the next favourite that failed in their opener of this tournament.

The World Cup day 4 results are a big surprise for a lot of people, which result was the biggest surprise?

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