World Cup day 3 results

World Cup day 3 results | Icelandic shock

The third day of the World Cup 2018 in Russia was one with four matches in a row. FOUR MATCHES IN A ROW, what a lovely day that was for every single football fan. In this post we discuss the World Cup day 3 results with you guys.

World Cup day 3 results

The third day of the World Cup started with one of the favourites for the tournament. France played against Australia in the first match of the day. After they we’ve seen Argentina versus Iceland, Denmark versus Peru and Croatia versus Nigeria.

France versus Australia

The French team is one filled with top quality players. You just need to look at the attackers they started with and you know this is one hell of a team. It’s obvious that France has a better team than Australia, but the Socceroos showed a real fighting spirit. A little bit of help by VAR led to a penalty for France in the second half. Antoine Griezmann netted the penalty. Minutes later Umtiti made a handball in his own penalty box with led to a penalty for Australia. It was Jedinak who scored the equaliser. A deflected shot by Paul Pogba was turned in to a goal thanks to goal-line technology. This appeared to be the winning goal for France.

Argentina versus Iceland

This is another match with a big difference in quality. But from the start of the match it was clear that it was going to be a tough match for Argentina. I party blame their manager for this. I don’t understand why a team with superior quality over their opponent, starts the match with two defensive midfield players. He should have sacrificed one of them for a more creative player in midfield. Nevertheless it was Segio Aguero who opened the score in the 19th minute. Alfred Finnbogason scored the equaliser a little less than four minutes later. Argentina tried to push forward, which led to a penalty in the 64th minute. Lionel Messi once again proved he isn’t the best penalty taker, when he missed this one. They failed to score another goal in the remainder of this match, which leaves them with a disappointing 1-1 draw.

Peru versus Denmark

This was an interesting match, because it was tough to call the better team before the match started. During the match both teams showed to be evenly matched. The first big moment in the match was the penalty giving by VAR for Peru. Chueva took his responsibility, but he almost kicked the ball out of the stadium, so both teams went back to the dressing room without scoring a goal. Denmark started better in the second half and rewarded themselves thanks to a goal by Yussuf Poulsen. This later appeared to be the only goal, so Denmark took a good step towards a next round in this World Cup.

Croatia versus Nigeria

The final of the World Cup day 3 results is the match between Croatia and Nigeria. Two teams with quality players, but there is a clear gap in experience. Nigeria is the team filled with young talented players, where Croatia has a lot of experience with guys like Modric, Rakitic and Mandzukic. This experience helped Croatia during the match, leading to a 2-0 victory thanks to an own goal by Etobo and a penalty by Modric.

These are the World Cup day 3 results. I don’t have all the facts ready, but I won’t be surprised if this was the first time that a penalty was giving in all four matches on one day. Which match was your favourite one on this day?

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