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World Cup day 2 results | Ronaldo’s day

After the opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia, there were three matches scheduled yesterday. So the World Cup 2018 has finally really started. In this post we discuss the World Cup day 2 results. Today it’s getting even more excited with four World Cup matches, so read this post and start enjoying another day of the World Cup in Russia.

World Cup day 2 results

Day 2 started with the match between Egypt and Uruguay, this match was followed by Morocco versus Iran and the day ended with Portugal versus Spain.

Egypt versus Uruguay

The first disappointment of the second day of the World Cup was the absence of Mo Salah. He wasn’t ready to play this match after the injury he got from the Champions League final. Somehow I think it might be a good thing for Egypt. We all expect Uruguay to win this group, so I think they need Salah more in the matches against Russia and Saudi Arabia to fight for the second spot in the group. Egypt did very well to hold Uruguay from scoring until Jiminez scored in the dying seconds of this match. Uruguay wins with 1-0 and made a first big step towards qualification for the next round.

Morocco versus Iran

This proved to be an interesting match. Fans of these countries are extremely passionate and have a huge love for the game of football. These teams are in Group B together with Portugal and Spain, so they needed a win in this match to make any chance of reaching the next round. It wasn’t a really exciting match that looked to end in a goalless draw, but an own goal by Morocco in the last minute of extra time, led to a 1-0 victory for Iran.

Portugal versus Spain

Looking at the group stage fixtures, this was one of two matches that really stand out. Nobody would have been surprised if this match was a semi-final match, but it’s just a group stage match. This match was everything we wanted from the very first minute. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 1-0 in the fourth minute from the penalty spot. The striker on the other side of the pitch scored the equaliser in the 24th minute, but it was Cristiano Ronaldo again who brought him team ahead just before half-time. Spain never looked stressed and they took the lead with goals in the 55th and 58th minute by Costa and Nacho. In the 89th minute Portugal got a free-kick on the edge of the penalty box. This was the perfect opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo to complete his hat-trick and he DID! This amazing match ended in a 3-3 draw.

This is our view on the World Cup day 2 results. Are you ready for the third day of this exciting tournament?

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