World Cup day 14

World Cup day 14 | Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

In this post we discuss all you need to know about the World Cup day 14.

World Cup day 14

South Korea versus Germany

Before this match started all four teams still had a chance to reach the knockout stages. South Korea had the smallest chance, but still it was a chance. Germany had of course a much bigger chance and a win in this match would probably seal the deal. The Germans started this match a bit shaky and they never really showed why they are the defending champions. They created a few small chances, but somehow you always have the feeling they will manage to scrape through in the end. Things turned out to be different in the end. Kim Young-Gwon scored for South Korea in extra time, with a little bit of help from VAR who ruled out an offside decision. In the 7th minute of extra time Heung-Min Son scored the 2-0 and definitely sent the world champions home.

Mexico versus Sweden

This group could become the first ever time a team with 6 points got sent home. Mexico was already on 6 points and Sweden could join them by winning this game. The Swedish team was very motivated for this match, while Mexico looked a bit dodgy. Sweden scored a goal early in the second half. Mexico tried to go for an equaliser, which gave Sweden the space to counter attack. This led to the 2-0 and 3-0 for Sweden. The result in the other match was a relieve for Mexico, who will join Sweden in the knockout stages.

Serbia versus Brazil

On the day Germany got eliminated another title favourite needed a result to prevent getting eliminated themself. Brazil started this game with the knowledge a result would bring them into the knockout stages. While the tournament is progressing the same goes for Brazil’s performance. They’re still not playing on 100% and it still looks better and better. Paulinho and Thiago Silva both scored a goal setting the score on 2-0 for Brazil.

Switzerland v Costa Rica

This match was especially important for Switzerland, since they hold every chance of reaching the knockout stages. The Swiss took the lead twice in this match, but Costa Rica bounced back every time. A 2-2 draw was enough for Switzerland to finish second and qualify for the knockout stages.

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