World Cup 2018 quarter finals

World Cup 2018 Quarter Finals | Another favourite out

The World Cup 2018 Quarter finals have been played over the weekend, so now it’s time to discuss everything that happened, before the semis will start tomorrow. The best free bets offers for football are still available.

World Cup 2018 Quarter Finals

These four quarter finals have been played this weekend: Belgium v Brazil, France v Uruguay, Sweden v England and Russia v Croatia.

France versus Uruguay

Uruguay was heavily weakened since there star striker Edison Cavani was out injured. France was in full strength and they were clearly the better team. Raphael Varane opened the score with a header at the end of the first half. This was the first time Uruguay was behind on this tournament and they needed to show something else now. Cavani’s absence weighed too heavy on them and they never created really big chances. A shot by Griezmann was mistimed by Uruguay’s goalkeeper and led to the 2-0. This was the final score and France continues to the semi-finals.

Brazil versus Belgium

This was probably the quarter final where everybody was looking forward to. Two teams with amazing quality and an attractive style of play.  Brazil dominated the first ten minutes, but a deflected corner led to the 1-0 for Belgium. This was just what this game needed. The Brazilian players needed to push forward even more, but Belgium proved to be deadly in the counter attack. Man City star Kevin de Bruyne doubled the score before halftime. A Brazilian goal around the 75th minute brought the tension back in the game. They created some very big chances, but never scored the equaliser, which brings Belgium to the semi-final against France.

England versus Sweden

This match was a clash between two styles. England wants to play football, while Sweden parks the yellow bus in front of the goal. The bus was parked quite good, until Harry Maguire headed the 1-0 behind the Swedish goalkeeper. This was the worst case scenario for Sweden, since they needed to remove the bus and play forward. This showed that they really lack the quality to play in the semi-final of a World Cup tournament. England scored the well-deserved second goal and goes to the semi-final.

Croatia versus Russia

This was the match the least people were looking forward to. Both teams reached this stage of the tournament thanks to penalties and the expectations were this one goes go the distance too. Russia took an early lead thanks to a beautiful strike by Cherysev, but Kramaric equalised already before end of the first half. The second half stayed goalless so once again extra time was needed to select a winner from this match. Both teams scored one goal in extra time, so once again penalties were needed. Russia took some awful penalties, which gave Croatia the opportunity to reach the semi-final. Croatia did it almost perfect and will face England in the semi-final.

Which of these World Cup 2018 quarter finals was your favourite match?

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