World Cup 2018 fever

World Cup 2018 fever in the football world

It’s only four more night of sleep before the World Cup 2018 finally start. Four years after the final between Argentina and Germany, it’s up to home team Russia and Saudi Arabia to open the new edition of the biggest football tournament in the world. Can you imagine it’s already four years ago that Germany won the previous World Cup. Are they going to do something similar this year? One thing is for sure the World Cup 2018 fever is running high in the world of football.

World Cup 2018 fever

I have to make a confession first. As a Dutchman the fever is a little bit less than in several other countries. The streets over here are usually dressed up in orange around this time of the season, but since we were unable to qualify it’s a bit boring in The Netherlands right now. Since I’m a big football fan, I won’t let our absence spoil this tournament for me. I know our team isn’t strong enough at the moment, but the potential for the next few tournaments is big. So even I’m starting to feel the World Cup 2018 fever.

What kind of tournament is it going to be?

I think this is one of the strongest World Cup in the last few editions. There are at least 6 countries that should be able to win this tournament. The big 6 are Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Belgium and France and than we haven’t even mentioned the current European Champions Portugal. As usual the group stages are probably going to be quite boring for the neutral viewers. There are some very interesting teenagers to watch during this tournament.

I expect to see some great battles from the quarter finals. I’m really struggling to find a winner for this tournament. Give your winner predictions in the comments below.

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