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Will Mo Salah make it to the World Cup in Russia?

Everyone has probably seen the heartbreaking moment that Mo Salah left the pitch injured in the Ukraine last Saturday. Sergio Ramos took him by the arm and acted like a professional wrestler, leaving Mo Salah behind with a serious injury. The Egyptian star left the pitch in tears. Not only because he couldn’t help his team trying to win the Champions League, but also because he wants to play the World Cup in Russia this summer. Is Mo Salah going to make it or not?

Egypt on World Cups

The Liverpool attacker is currently the big star in his country. He is solely responsible that Egypt goes to the World Cup 2018 in Russia. It’s only the third time in the history of football that Egypt qualified for the World Cup. The hopes were high in Egypt because they have Mo Salah. Things turned around big time since the Champions League final. Sergio Ramos is now enemy number 1 in Egypt and the country is in fear of missing their hero in Russia this summer.

Will Mo Salah go to the World Cup?

The Egyptian star tweeted that he is confident he will make it against all odds.

I’m convinced he is going to be there in Russia. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and everything will be done to prepare him. It’s not like he has a broken leg or anything, so they will find a way to get him ready. He might not be able to play every single minute, but I can’t imagine the national team manager will replace him with any other player, Mo Salah is just too important for Egypt.

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