World Cup

Who will score the most during the World Cup?

During the World Cup of 2018, there are some of the best football players in the world playing for their country. To know who will score the highest during this event is hard, but then you need to look at statistics and also which will most likely be the one. This is an incredible event where it’s possible for players to show their skills, and that’s something possible to do while winning the adversary and passing through to the next group.

So far, there are already some players that have the highest odds at Wixstars to actually be the man that scores the most in this event. These are all amazing players that have changed football due to their scored. They really make all the difference on their country’s team, and that’s why they’re chosen.

Harry Kane

With 5 goals already scored, Harry Kane is playing for England. He is an incredible player, and he is a highly skilled player that brought England to a great place in the World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s obvious that if you like football you know Ronaldo. He’s playing for Portugal, and he has already scored 4 goals so far, with just 1 missed penalty. Supposedly, he is not having a good year when it comes to scoring, but that’s subjective. While playing for his team, Real Madrid, Ronaldo has done an incredible job with regular goals, and has scored a decisive Champions League goal with a bicycle kick. The most recent goal was when he did a hat-trick against Spain, which was totally epic.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku is a Belgic player that has been playing in the World Cup. Romelu is an amazing player, and he was already scored 4 goals during this event. He is really talented and a great player and he definitely makes all the difference when playing for a team. He knows what he’s doing and that is shown on the team’s results. Of course, there’s a lot of team work but he definitely does an amazing job. This team will go far with Lokaku scoring so much.

Denis Cheryshev

Cheryshev is a Russian player and his country has scored 8 goals in total, 3 of those being Cheryshev’s goals. He’s a great player that has lead a very nice career.

Diego Costa

Costa is an amazing Spanish player, and he has already scored 3 goals, two of them against Portugal. He has also scared against Iran. He’s definitely a very strong player to have on the Spanish team.

What makes them good players?

It’s obvious that these players have an incredible team work so that they can actually score, and that’s essential in this sport. They are extremely professional and well trained, and that’s why they have so many scores not just in the World Cup but also in their careers. That’s something many people take into consideration. All of these players train a lot to become the best at what they do and the truth is that many are just incredible players that play perfectly.

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