Week 3 football matches

Week 3 football matches to watch

The Premier League never stopped during the winter break, but some other leagues did. Today is the start of the weekend where all big leagues resume their competition. To start this weekend in the best way we share our week 3 football matches to watch with you guys. In this article we give you three matches every football fan should watch during the weekend.

Week 3 football matches to watch

Find the three matches to watch below.

Arsenal versus Chelsea

Let’s start with the obvious one. Every football fan enjoys watching the Premier League and this is the biggest match in the Premier League this weekend. Arsenal plays at home against Chelsea. Both teams started this season with a new manager and after six months they are getting to see what their teams learned in the first half of this season. It’s a very important match for both teams, but the most for the Gunners. Arsenal wants to get back in the Champions League and need to finish in the top 4. There are currently six points behind number 4 Chelsea. Losing this match will make the gap 9 and it’s likely that Man United will overtake Arsenal in that situation. I don’t see them closing a 9 points gap, so Arsenal needs to win this match.

RB Leipzig versus Borussia Dortmund

The second match is one for people with a second screen. I wanted to pick tonights Bundesliga match, but in all fairness it’s all about RB Leipzig versus Borussia Dortmund this weekend. This match is at the same time as Arsenal versus Chelsea but it’s a must watch for the Bundesliga fans. Dortmund has an advantage of 6 points over Bayern Munich and they want to keep this gap, but they play a tough away match agains the numbers four RB Leipzig. Dortmund is by far the most entertaining team in the Bundesliga this season, so I will recommend everyone to find a way to watch this match!

Real Madrid versus Sevilla

The last match everyone should watch this weekend is the one between the numbers 3 and 4 of La Liga. Real Madrid is currently fourth behind Sevilla on goal difference. They are 10 points behind table leaders Barcelona, so it’s a must win for both teams. Real Madrid is in poor form, so Sevilla has a serious chance of getting a result in this match.

Are you going to watch all these week 3 football matches?

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