Van der Poel wins in Benidorm

Van der Poel wins in Benidorm

Cyclocross fans can stop worrying about the World Championship. Over the last few weeks Wout van Aert was too strong for Van der Poel. Many thought the World Championship was already wrapped up. But Mathieu van der Poel has settled the last showdown between the Big Three this season (in the field anyway) in his favor. Free bets will be placed on both in the coming week. On the fast course of Benidorm, Tom Pidcock had to drop out quickly. Wout van Aert finally only folded in the final sprint, where he almost risked life and limb. Laurens Sweeck finished 4th and is the overall winner of the World Cup.

Revenge in Benidorm

Finally he got his revenge on Wout van Aert. Although the differences were negligible this time. So small that Van Aert had to flirt with the nadar fences within a millimeter in the last straight line. Van der Poel entered the very last corner first after a captivating final lap. Van Aert did not shy away from risks and tried to counter with an ultimate overtaking maneuver, but almost flew into the set on the treacherously short arrival strip. Van Aert was released with a fright, but saw his eternal competitor regain confidence just before the World Cup.

All or nothing

Iserbyt and Sweeck rolled in behind the titanic duel. The Belgian duo defended themselves exemplary throughout the entire race, but were mainly kept in the race by the dominant and tactical jousting of Van Aert and Van der Poel. It will certainly be irrelevant for Sweeck: he pocketed the final victory of the World Cup. His consistency drove him towards the Tom Pidcock also wanted to say goodbye to his world champion jersey in Benidorm. The Brit tried that with a hefty cannon start, but was unable to respond to the elongated counterattack by Van Aert and Van der Poel afterwards.

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