Tottenham needs to spend money

Tottenham needs to spend money to win trophies

Tottenham Hotspur needs to wait another year for chances to win a trophy. After yesterday’s defeat against Man United, the Spurs lost their last 8 FA Cup semi-finals in a row. It looks to become a real thing for the Spurs. They get close to trophy, but won’t win anything. The league Cup in 2008, is their most recent silverware. So they are now ten years without winning silverware. I believe Tottenham needs to spend money in order to start winning trophies.

Tottenham needs to spend money

Manchester City won the Premier League this season after spending over 220 million pounds in the summer. Manchester United and Chelsea will play the FA Cup final after spending around 150 million pound each in the summer. Tottenham spend only half of what Man U and Chelsea did. This shows us how important it is to spend money if you want to compete in England. I think they have an okay squad, but they really need to buy some world class players if they want to win something next season.

The manager

Pochettino has done some serious good things for the Spurs. He created a team that is able to compete for the title. But I don’t think he is the one to bring silverware. I’ve seen him making strange decisions in important matches, which shows me he’s not a winner. I remember him putting all the eggs in the Premier League basket, in the season Leicester City won the title. At the same time they had a good chance of winning the Europa League. But he played the Europa League with a weak team and ended up winning nothing. This was the first time I noticed he’s a good manager, but not the ultimate trophy hunter.

Another sign for this, is the way he handles the Toby Alderweireld situation. Toby, who is arguably the best defender they have, has something with his contract. He only plays when the manager wants to rest other players. I would say you always need to play your best players, especially in this most important part of the season.

I think Tottenham needs to spend money and search for a new manager to make that final step towards some fresh silverware.

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