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Top 5 F1 podcasts

Formula 1 podcasts are extremely popular. Nothing is more fun than enjoying an extensive debriefing by journalists or a few die-hard fans the day after the race. The F1 Podcast World got shocked today when Matt and Tommy announced their goodbyes on popular F1 podcast WTF1. Even though there is a new team, things will never be the same again for WTF1. As big fans of Matty, Tommy and Katy we are going to miss them! But it will be a matter of time before they return in the F1 podcast World. In the meantime we’ve listed our other favorite Formula 1 podcasts for you. You can choose which F1 podcasts suits you best!

Top 5 F1 podcasts

These are our five favourite F1 podcasts. Since we like all of them, we put them in random order.

F1: Beyond the Gridpodcast

The official podcast of F1 itself is F1 Beyond the Grid. An English-language F1 podcasts in which famous names from the sport are interviewed about their careers in Formula 1. Famous names such as George Russell, Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz or Lando Norris. But also team bosses or former drivers such as Jos Verstappen, Toto Wolff, Alain Prost, Thierry Boutsen, Susie Wolff, Zak Brown and Kimi Raikkonen. All very interesting, if you can understand the latter of course.

The Race F1 podcast

The Race is a fairly new motorsport platform founded by some very experienced British motorsport journalists. The day after the Grand Prix they – partly from the circuit – record their reflections on the race. Very nice are the strategic analyzes by Mark Hughes: what choices did the different teams make and how did they ultimately win (or lose) the race? For rookies in the sport a great podcast to better understand Formula 1 strategy.

For F1’s Sake podcast

The For F1’s Sake Podcast is an absolute must for fans of Formula 1, British satire and stand-up comedy. Although not every episode hits the mark, there are gems in between that make you howl with laughter. Regular hosts Cheeka, Terry and Phill review the past Formula 1 weekend with the necessary morbid humor and look back at earlier times. Think “Have I got News for You”. You have to take it with a grain of salt.

Off Circuit F1 Podcast

The Off Circuit F1 podcast is hosted by Matt McGale. He is exploring the sport of F1. This is the prime example of the effect the Netflix docu Drive to Survive has on the World. Matt McGale is one of those F1 fans who got into the sport thanks to the Netflix docu and is absolutely hooked now. He’s got popular to a wider audience thanks to his collaborations with Youtube channel Don Robbie.


A relative new podcast hosted by Jake Boys & Fabio Bocca. Two friends who just love the sport and talking about it. They showed what they are willing to for their podcast when they had Valteri Bottas and Guanya Zhou on their podcast. They had problems with their flight and decided to take on a 15 hour ride to Switzerland. They were just in time to host their podcast. Since they are quite new, there is still a lot of growth possible for the Pitstop podcast.

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