Top 3 soccer fan accessory

Top 3 soccer fan accessory every fan should have

At Soccerage we’re the biggest soccer fans you will find. Every soccer fan has one team he supports to most. Some fans are more die-hard than others, but they all support their team. In this post we present to you the top 3 soccer fan accessory every fan should have.

Top 3 soccer fan accessory

This top 3 is in no specific order. I just think every fan should have these accessories in his possession.

Replica shirt
Of course we start this list with the replica shirt. If you go to the stadium to watch your team, or just watch it at home, you should have a replica shirt. Preferably with the name of your favourite player on the back. You can wear this shirt during every team related occasion and when you go for some exercise yourself. I personally like to buy my replicas at

When in the stadium you need to be able to show your true colours. The best way to show the club colours and create an atmosphere in the stadium with your fellow fans is to hold a scarf above your head. Every club has a big collection of scarfs, so check your club’s fan store and get yourself a nice club scarf!

Phone case
The mobile phone is nowadays one of the most precious and expensive things people own. This makes your phone the perfect product to show which club you support. I recently discovered the website On this site you can make your own personalised phone case. So this is the perfect site to get a phone case with the club logo or your favourite player on it. With a club phone case you kill two birds with one stone. Your expensive phone is protected and you show to everyone which club you support.

Which products are missing in this top 3 soccer fan accessory? Let us know in the comments.

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