Top 3 goalkeepers

Top 3 goalkeepers in the world on current form

Clubs are spending millions of Euro’s on attackers, midfielder and defenders. Goalkeepers however aren’t that popular on the transfer market. Ederson is currently the most expensive goalkeeper after his move from Benfica to Manchester City for 40 million Euro’s. In the same transfer window Man City bought Kyle Walker for 57 million Euro’s. This shows how much goalkeepers are behind in their value. It’s quite strange because we see often enough how much influence goalkeepers can have on the final result of a match. In this post we discuss our top 3 goalkeepers in the world.

Yesterday’s Europa League semi-final between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid showed once again the importance of a good goalkeeper. Atletico Madrid goalkeeper made some outstanding saves and kept his team on a 1-1 draw after playing with 10 men for 80 minutes.

Top 3 goalkeepers in the world

In this post we look at the three best goalkeepers in the world on current form. This means German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer isn’t in this list, because he hasn’t played much this season due to a longterm injury.

Jan Oblak

The Atletico Madrid goalkeeper makes save after save. He saved a lot of points for his team during the past few seasons. I’m pretty sure the score in the match between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid would have been very different if they switched their goalies yesterday. There are a lot of rumours about a transfer to PSG and I think he can help them achieving big things in the future. I’ve heard he has a 100 million Euro’s transfer clause in his contract and I think there are teams that should try to get him. Next to PSG there are a lot of other teams that can use him. Real Madrid has a very poor goalkeeper at the moment and Premier League teams like Liverpool and Arsenal also need a good goalkeeper.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

This is one of the reasons, we can be a little bit jealous on the Germans at the moment. Now Neuer is injured, their second choice in the goal in the goalkeeper of Fc Barcelona. He was a little bit shaky in the first few years, but this year really turned up a notch. He conceded only 19 goals this season, which is only one less than the guy mentioned above.

David de Gea

The Spanish goalkeeper is the best of the Premier League. If seen him made some unbelievable saves during this season. I still remember the match against Arsenal this season, in which he set a new Premier League record with 14 saves in one single match. After this match he admitted that he felt unstoppable in that match.

This is my top 3 goalkeepers of the world. Do you agree on this top 3 or do you miss one keeper?

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