Title race Serie A

Title race Serie A back on track after yesterday’s results

I must admit I started a post yesterday about Napoli’s art of bottling title race Serie A. After nine points out of five matches they were heading to a defeat against Udinese yesterday evening. At the same time their rivals Juventus were 1-0 up in the away match against Crotone. Things turned out to be completely different.

Title Race Serie A back on track

After the first hour yesterday the virtual gap between Juventus and Napoli was eight points, with 5 matches and 30 minutes to play before the end of the season. The last half hour completely changed things for the good. Well not the good for Juventus, but the good for us neutrals. Crotone scored the equaliser against Juventus, while Napoli managed to turn a 1-2 score around in a 4-2 victory. Instead of 8 points, the gap is now just 4 points.

Title race Serie A: Important match upcoming

Every Serie A fan will be sitting behind a television, or will find another way to follow the big match on Sunday. Juventus plays Sunday the 22nd of April at home against Napoli. A victory for Juventus will almost seal the deal for the Old Lady. That will give them a 7 points lead with four more matches to go. This Juventus team is too strong and experienced to give away a lead of 7 points in four matches. However if Napoli wins this match we’re heading towards the most exciting end of season in recent history. This will decrease the gap to one point, giving Juventus no margin to make mistakes in the last four matches of this season.

As a neutral I can say I will support Napoli in this match, hoping for an amazing end of this season. What are your thoughts on this match and who do you hope will win this one? Let us know in the comments down below.

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