One of three matches everyone should watch

Three matches everyone should watch this weekend

Since a few months I’m a regular on Reddit and as follower of several football subreddits I’ve seen a lot of people feeling lost in the last week. I thought I was the only one who get’s bored during the international break, but on Reddit I found out there are a lot of people feeling the same. Now club football returns, people are getting excited again. I personally can’t wait for tomorrow around lunch when the first Premier League match will be broadcasted. In this post I discuss three matches everyone who got bored during the international break should watch this weekend.

Three matches everyone should watch

Chelsea versus Manchester United

This is one of the first matches in the big leagues this weekend. For me this is going to be a must-see for every football fan. Chelsea has changed into a footballing machine under Sarri, while Man United is nowhere near there best form. Jose Mourinho is under severe pressure and this match against his old team my be the nail to his coffin according to several media outlets. I personally don’t think he will get the sack if they loose, but things need to happen at the club. Chelsea will start this match full of confidence with an inform Eden Hazard, who might be the best player in the league so far this season.

Inter Milan versus Ac Milan

Derbies are always a joy to watch, but this one is something special. The Milan derby between two fallen Italian giants. There was a time Milan dominated world football, but nowadays they can’t even dominate the Serie A. Inter Milan is in third place at the moment, where their neighbours are 10th. Both teams haven’t lost in their last four matches, so it’s going to be an interesting derby!

Barcelona versus Sevilla

The big game in Spain this weekend is the one between the numbers 1 and 2 of the table. It’s strange to say this and don’t see Real Madrid involved in the match, but Sevilla is currently the proud leader of La Liga. They are one point ahead of Barcelona, who haven’t won a single of their last four matches. Can they get back to winning ways and take over the first place, or is Sevilla too strong at this moment?

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