Three football matches to watch

Three football matches to watch this weekend

The international break filled with Nations League football is finally over, so now we can put our focus back on club football. We’re willing to help you adjusting back to club football, so we decided to  In this post we’re giving you three football matches everyone should watch this weekend. Since it might be hard for some people to adjust back to club football, we ease you in with three matches. So make sure you watch these three matches and you can use the remainder of you weekend for other stuff.

Three football matches everyone should watch this weekend

You might be wondering why we’re only giving three matches, well the answer to that is pretty simple. There aren’t a lot of must-see matches this weekend. We’ve checked all big leagues and these are the three football matches you should stay at home for!

Atletico Madrid versus Barcelona

This is the biggest match of this weekend, but the question is if it’s going to be the best match. Both teams seem to struggle with their form this season. Although both teams are in the top 3 of the table at the moment, they aren’t as invincible as they have been in the past. Atletico Madrid won only 6 of their 12 league matches, Barcelona won just one more. If this match turns out to be a draw, Sevilla can be take over the first place. It’s quite rare that after 13 matches, another team than Barcelona and both Madrid clubs is on top of the table.

Lazio versus Ac Milan

Lazio versus Ac Milan is an interesting match in the Italian Serie A. Both teams aren’t the big giants they were in the past, but they’re coming back to the top 5 in the Italian Serie A. They are currently in 4th and 5th with only 1 point in between them. A victory will lift AC Milan over Lazio, but Lazio has the home advantage.

Tottenham Hotspur versus Chelsea

This is one of the bigger London derbies in the English Premier League. There has been some extra tension between both teams, when Chelsea stopped the Spurs’ title run in 2016. This was a match filled with tough tackles and challenges, something the players haven’t forgot ever since. Chelsea changed a lot since Maurizio Sarri is at the helm, they really want to play football now. For the first time in years, a match between these two clubs is going to be one between two footballing sides. Something that makes it even more of a joy to watch this one.

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