Bundesliga relegation

The Bundesliga Relegation | End of the season battle

This weekend, several teams will be competing the European place. Which is more important than that, will also battle in order to avoid relegation from the German football league the Bundesliga. Although there are 6 matches that need to happen in order to have a team defined, the situation is critic. The six teams that have been eliminated are probably going to be relegated to the Zweite Liga.

Köln is still on for the place but Hamburg is still a doubt for many, since this they are in an unstable place. Mainz is having a hard time since they don’t know how to get the next three points from, which is bad for the team, obviously. On the other side, like it happened last season, Vfl Wolfsburg escaped to be relegated from the Bundesliga, but not by a huge margin, which should be concerning to the team.

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This team is having a horrible season. Although it won RB Leipzig and also Bayer Leverkusen, it disappointed the fans losing to Bremer and to Stuttgart. The weakness of the team shown last weekend, when it suffered 6 goals. It will definitely be interesting to see how Ruthenbeck will organize his team on the next matches. They will play against Freiburg, Mainz and Wolfsburg, which are the most important games. Of course, their outcome will be determined by the rest of the games.

VfL Wolfsburg

Being on the third trainer of the campaign, Wolfsburg seems to haven’t learnt from the mistakes the team has made. Although Bruno Labbadia is a good coach, he hasn’t found the formula to clear Wolfsburg from the danger zone. Which is more than necessary for the team. They have high quality players such as Maxi Arnold, Daniel Didavi and Yunus Malli, but they have been underperforming.

What’s worrying about this team is the fact that they’ve lost the 8 games they have played. Without a win, and only scored 4 goals. It looks like something dramatic is going to happen.

Hamburger SV

The team has been playing in a very interesting way. Several threats being made the past weeks to the players. Titz, the new trainer, has the possibility to show if his tactic will pay off or whether the pressure is too much. It’s almost impossible to the team to gain 3 points against Frankfurt, Schalke, Monchengladbach and Hoffenheim. Just two wins won’t be enough to get the team cleared. This could be the season that the team will suffer because of the poor way it has been conducted the past years.


Mainz has failed to score on the last four matches. Sandro Schwarz, the trainer of the team, has a lot to do in order to make his team improve and to win the Bundesliga, winning for the first time in 9 years. The next three fixtures will definitely decide their future, since they will face Köln, Augsburg and Freiburg.

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