Smart balls

Smart balls are the future of sports!

In football, what affects a kick include foot speed, which part of the foot kicked the ball, and the amount of upper-body movement; and in basketball, a few things that influence a free throw include the amount of trunk and knee flexion, shoulder flexion and elbow extension. But how can you measure the work you’re doing? Smart balls are the perfect way to measure what you’re doing. From the top to lower league sports, smart balls help you to get the right insights about your performances.

Speed of a ball

Previously, it was possible to track the speed of a ball using an external device, such as a speed radar or a high-speed camera. However, in the last few years, scientists and engineers have started making use of sensors inside balls to measure various parameters such as spin velocity and linear velocity. These sensors helps every football player to measure what they are doing with the smart ball.

The process of signing a smart ball, which will analyze a player’s performance, is very complex. Aside from having the necessary balance to behave like a regular ball, the electronics used in the device have to be robust enough to withstand the impact and remain reliable. This gives you a perfect insight on what you’re doing and how to improve.

Video app

A smart ball app does not only measures the kick from the ball, it’s speed, spin, spin angle, striking location or flight path, it also gives you some tips and tricks with recommendations on how the user can boost each specific parameter. You can use a video app to capture the users kicking so that the user not only get the statistics from inside the smart ball, but also from the outside with a visual playback of the kick.

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