Should You Bet On England Winning the 2018 World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup starts in less than two months and there are already mass speculations on which team will go all the way and lift the trophy in July. This year is different for many national teams, especially England, as Gareth Southgate’s team is considered as one of the top favourites to win the biggest football competition in the world.

Does England Have What it Takes to Win?

England is group G, alongside Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. While this definitely is not the toughest group in the World Cup, they do have some work to do against Belgium, if they want to capture the first place in the group. Although England hasn’t had any major football success in decades, it looks like this time around things are looking different. The team has evolved and progressed enormously during the last few years. A top-heavy team like Belgium will certainly bring the best out of England on June 28th, when players will show what they are capable of.

What Kind Of Bets Are the Most Profitable?

No matter if you’re interested in betting on a specific result of England’s matches or want to explore other betting options, here are some of the most popular bets you can make:

  • Moneyline – This is the simplest bet you can make, but also most often not as lucrative as the others. You can make this bet if you’re sure that the team will win, for example, against
  • Total – For this option, the online sportsbook will set a total number of goals. You have the option to choose if the number of scored goals will be over or under the given number.
  • Spread – Used to determine by how many goals the team will win or lose the game. This is a great option to bet on if there’s a clear underdog or favourite to choose from.
  • Props – With this, you can bet on anything that can happen in a game. From the number of corners, yellow and red cards, to what specific player will score a goal.

Where to Find the Best Odds?

There are many possible websites and sportsbooks where you can bet. In order to have a pleasant experience, it’s important to choose a reputable and licenced online sportsbook. Alongside popular betting platforms, one of the best betting sites is certainly LVBet.com, a relatively new but already popular place to wager. They offer great odds and are available in multiple languages. Also, if you want to start building up your betting budget for the upcoming World Cup. They offer a 100% sports deposit bonus for all first deposits. As a matter of fact, if you want to make general tournament predictions about England’s chances to win it all, you can already place your bets. You’ll have the advantage of betting early, while there isn’t so much tournament hype yet. This will give you the best value for your wagered money.

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