Serie A title race

Serie A title race between Napoli and Juventus still open?

The Italian Serie A is dominated by Juventus for years now. The Old Lady has been relegated because of match fixing for a while. Still they have won the Serie A every year since the 2011-2012 season. This season is possible the hardest one since years for Juventus. There was even a time during this season that Napoli was on top of the table. Juve got the first place back and extended the gap to Napoli to 4 points. Is the Serie A title race still open?

Is the Serie A title race still open?

I’m inclined to answer this question with a big NO. Juventus is the strongest team in Italy and they should be able to defend a four points gap with Napoli. On the other hand they are still in the Champions League, which might take away the focus on the Serie A. Napoli is free of any European competitions so they have full focus on the competition. After winning the Serie A for so many years in a row, I can imagine Juve really wants to win the Champions League this time. They lost two finals in the recent years, and it’s probably the last chance for Buffon to win a Champions League.

Napoli should hope for Juventus to drop points around the Champions League quarter finals against Real Madrid. If Napoli can get the gap back to three points or less they have everything in their own matters, since they play against Juventus on the 22nd of April. If Juve can reach the CL semis, they will play their second semi final a few days afte the match against Napoli. This should open up opportunities for Napoli.

The Serie A title race isn’t over yet, but I do believe Juventus will take it in the end. Who do think will win the Italian league this season?

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