Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich 2-2

Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich is the second leg in this Champions League semi-final. The winner of this tie will continue to the final in Kyiv on the 26th of May. The opponent in this final is the winner of As Roma versus Liverpool.

Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich first half

After a 1-2 victory in the first match, Real Madrid had the home advantage in the second leg. The start of this match however was for the visitors from Munich.I wasn’t even completely installed behind my television before Joshua Kimmich scored the first goal of this match. The score on aggregate is now 2-2, but Real Madrid still has the advantage based on away goals. Karim Benzema scored the equaliser only eight minutes after the 0-1. Bayern Munich kept pressing but couldn’t force a second goal in the first 45 minutes of this match.

Second half

The second half was only seconds old before Benzema scored his second of the evening. A big blunder by Ulreich led to the 2-1 for Real Madrid. This looked to be a devastating goal for the Germans, but they didn’t show any signs of surrendering. Real Madrid loanee James Rodriguez scores the 2-2 in the 63rd minute. Bayern has now 30 minutes to score the 2-3, which will mean a final for the German side. They tried and did get some chances, but I never felt they were going to get there. What I did felt was a whole lot of anger towards the Real Madrid players. I really don’t like their attitude and I think such a big club should show more sportsmanship.

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