Quincy Promes

Quincy Promes case all over Russian newspapers

The Russian newspaper Championat released news on Tuesday about the criminal case surrounding Quincy Promes. Yehudi Moszkowicz, lawyer for the alleged victim, provides an extensive update on the situation, including the incident, the agreements between Ajax and Spartak Moscow and the seizure of Promes’ villa in Utrecht. Promes move was expected by best australia online casino. Promes is suspected of assault resulting in serious physical injury. He was arrested on Sunday morning December 13, 2020 and was held for two days. At the end of July, the attacker gave a large family party in a warehouse of his company in Abcoude and at that party he allegedly got into an argument with his cousin, who, according to several witnesses, was allegedly stabbed and is likely to be left with permanent injuries.

Bolt from the blue

“According to my client it was like a bolt from the blue. There was a party, they took pictures and suddenly the atmosphere changed and the fatal blow followed,” Moszkowicz tells Championat. “It is suggested that my client stole something from Promes’ mother many years ago, but that is nonsense. Then why would he be invited to the party? It will be interesting when Promes starts speaking in public. Then we will hear his version. . ”

Quincy Promes family members

The fact that the ball only started rolling six months after the incident can be explained, according to Moszkowicz. “They are family. My client is very proud of Promes ‘success, as are the other family members. Despite Promes’ act, he did not want to ruin his career. My client never went to the police himself.” The family who are often play blackjack online, love their Quincy Promes.

“But this is a serious matter,” the lawyer continues. “The knife went through the kneecap, which made my client unable to straighten his leg. With surgery, his kneecap was reconstructed and now there is a huge scar. What happened, my client can – he is laying floors and thus using. many are knees – no longer doing the same job. “

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