Premier League restart

Premier League restart | 3 main takeaways

Finally! After waiting for months, the Premier League is back! The moment we’ve all been waiting for was finally there. I’ve been busy trying to create a good FPL team. This worked out pretty well so far, with 76 points and 11 players still to go. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about in this article. In this post I’m going to discuss the three main takeaways from the Premier League restart.

Premier League restart

After watching both Aston Villa versus Sheffield United and Manchester City versus Arsenal, there are three main things we need to discuss. These are the biggest talking points from the Premier League restart.

1. Technology isn’t working

Goal-line technology has been a blessing for the world of football. But an important thing about technology is that it should work. The goal-line technology watch wasn’t working at Aston Villa versus Sheffield United, which cost the Blades a goal and three points. Can happen you would say, but the main thing for me is that VAR stayed quiet. It’s a rule that VAR can’t interfere in goal-line matters, because of the goal-line decision system. But when you’re a VAR and you see the ball is in the goal, you need to tell it to the referee.

2. Injuries

The Manchester City versus Arsenal match is overshadowed by injuries. Arsenal lost both Granit Xhaka and Pablo Mari early in the match due to an injury. Manchester City lost Eric Garcia late in the match after a severe collision with Ederson. All three injuries looked very bad. I want to wish all three players a speedy recovery!

3. David Luiz

This third takeaway has to be about David Luiz. Ok Kevin de Bruyne was quality again, after a slow start. But David Luiz is the one who decided the Man City v Arsenal match. He came on in the 24th minute. Completely mistimed the ball in extra time of the second half, leading to the 1-0 by Raheem Sterling. Four minutes into the second half Luiz brought down Mahrez in the penalty box. This led to a penalty and a red card for the Brazilian. Kevin de Bruyne netted the penalty. With 2-0 and a men down, Arsenal wasn’t able to do something back.

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