post lockdown challenges

Post lockdown challenges for the world of Football

Covid-19 has an impact on the entire world. People are still dying due to this horrible virus. Many European countries seem to have the virus pretty much under control. At least as far as it’s possible to get this virus under control. Now football leagues are coming back more and more each week, it’s time to look at the post lockdown challenges the world of football is facing.

Post lockdown challenges

Here I discuss two major post lockdown challenges the world of football needs to overcome.

Finish European football

The Champions League and Europa League stopped just like all domestic leagues. Now they need to find a way to finish this Champions League season. The biggest problem is that in the Champions League, four more ties need to be completed. The four remaining ties need to have the second match before we know all 8 quarter final teams. There are talks that the Champions League will be finished in Portugal. Where they will make it a kinda Europa Cup/World Cup form. All teams together in a certain area of Portugal. Then they finish the tournament in a week or 2.

Syncing the agenda

This is probably the biggest challenge. Some leagues are already stopped (French Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie). Some leagues are almost done (German Bundesliga). Other leagues still need to restart (English Premier League). The Euro 2020 is rescheduled to the summer of 2021. This means all leagues, domestic and European, need to be finished in time (beginning of May). How is this manageable with so many different agendas? For me it’s clear we can’t have a normal season next season. They should be making chances. I think they should remove the group stages in European football for one season. With just a knock-out tournament, you will need a lot less match-days. This way we can finish the season in less time and everybody will be ready for the Euro 2021.

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