Paris Saint-Germain stars

Paris Saint-Germain divided in two groups

Paris Saint-Germain is the biggest team in France ever since the rich Qatari bought the club. They added star players like Neymar and Kylian Mbappé to their squad. The signing of these two players should have been the last step towards winning the Premier League. This hasn’t worked out how they wanted, and it looks like having these two stars is causing mayhem in the PSG dressing room.

Coronacrisis divides Paris Saint-Germain dressing room

The big talking point in several dressing rooms around Europe is the talk about salaries. Some players use their money to go to casinos en ligne. Many clubs asked their players to give a share of their salary back to the club. This is necessary to keep the non-playing staff in their jobs. Even though the players are the big stars, the club is much bigger than just the eleven guys on the pitch. According to French newspaper Le Figaro, is Mbappé one of the leaders of one group. He’s open to give up 70 per cent of his wages during the crisis. Neymar is on the other side of the spectrum and refuges to give up his wages. Edison Cavani, Ander Herrera, Thiago Silva and Juan Bernat are all in the group of Neymar. Other players support Mbappé in this matter.

Neymar forcing a transfer

Neymar was hoping for a transfer back to Spain last summer. He was close to return at Fc Barcelona, but the clubs never reached an agreement. It looks like he grabs this opportunity to cause a wig between him and the club. This will improve the chance of a summer transfer for the Brazilian. Odds for a Neymar transfer on suggest Barcelona is his preferred destination. The question is wether teams are willing to spent a lot of money in the next transfer window. Clubs are missing out on millions of pounds and might consider keeping their money in their pockets. All by all it’s going to be a very interesting time!



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