Next Arsenal manager

Next Arsenal manager | Who will it be?

It’s the talk of the town today. Arsene Wenger announced his retirement as Arsenal manager. He will leave the club at the end of this season. This will be in the news for a few days, but we’re already looking forward. After 22 years of service the club needs to look for the next Arsenal manager.

Next Arsenal manager

Lots of manager are linked to Arsenal over the recent years. Rumours are flying around the North-London club, especially after the announcement today. In this post we give a list with five names going up for the title next Arsenal manager. This list is in no particular order.

#1 Massimiliano Allegri

The Italian manager is probably one of the favourites amongst the Arsenal fans. He has a lot of experience in the top. He’s doing great with Juventus, played two Champions League finals and is about to win his fourth Serie A title with Juve in four years. I can imagine he’s open for a new challenge in another league. Chelsea is also interested in his services so they should act quick if they want to get him.

#2 Brendan Rodgers

If we need to believe the bookies, the former Liverpool manager is the biggest candidate at this moment. I really don’t feel this one. He wasn’t all too impressive during his Liverpool spell. Ok, he is dominating the Scottish Premier League with Celtic for the last two seasons. But they were dominating without him for the previous five seasons. He wouldn’t be my first pick for the Gunners.

#3 Patrick Vieira

This is probably one of the outsiders, but one thing is for sure. He will be a very popular choice amongst the Arsenal fans. The former Arsenal players was one of the stars in Wenger’s invincibles team and for many more years afterwards. He’s currently manager of New York City FC, but he’s probably a bit too green at this moment.

#4 Luis Enrique

The former Barcelona manager is one of the favourites to get the Chelsea seat, but I don’t rule him out of Arsenal. He’s a big like Pep, did a good job for Barcelona and took a break after his time in Catalonia. He has a lot of experience in the top of the football world, which makes him an interesting candidate for Arsenal in my honest opinion.

#5 Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel is another interesting option for this job, although he apparently already signed a contract for PSG. If he doesn’t moves to PSG, it would be good to see him at Arsenal. We can’t deny there’s a Dortmund connection at the club at the moment. Tuchel prefers an attacking and attractive style of play which will suit Arsenal perfectly.


Some other names mentioned are Carlo Ancelotti, Leonardo Jardim, Diego Simeone and Roger Schmidt. There are some really strong candidate to become the next Arsenal manager. I think whoever it will be, he needs to follow Pep Guardiola’s approach. Pep used his first season at Man City to analyse the teams weaknesses. In his second year he bought the players he needed to improve these parts of the team and see what it brought them. Arsenal is currently in sixth place and they won’t going to win the title next season. So it’s better to take the time building a new squad, instead of trying to built a title winning team in the first year.

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