Women's World Cup

These Countries Are the Biggest Fans of the Women’s World Cup

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup was a spectacular sporting event, which shone a new light on women’s football. It’s been estimated by FIFA that the tournament brought in a viewership of over 1billion for the first time while in the UK, England’s semi-final match again the USA brought in the UK’s highest peak TV audience of the year so far. Now a new report from Live Football Tickets has looked into what people have been searching online about the tournament, and which countries have shown the most search interest in the much-discussed tournament.

Women’s World Cup

Coming out as the country who was most invested in the Cup is, perhaps surprisingly, Cameroon. The African country displayed the highest search volume on phrases around the Women’s World Cup according to Google Trends. Even more interestingly, it appears Cameroon’s interest in the tournament is consistent. The country also showed the most search interest in the 2015 Women’s World Cup, the new report states.


The study also looks back to the 2011 and 2007 tournaments, which saw Grenada and Solomon Islands appear the most invested in the Cup. Interestingly, the winning country of the USA, didn’t display a particularly large search volume for the tournament – ranking in 44th place for search volume. Semi-finalist the Netherlands did however show a high search volume, ranking in 5th place. Not too surprisingly, the report found that there was an increased search volume for the tournament this year compared to the previous tournament in 2015, with a 21.6% rise in search interest.


The report also looked at which matches sparked the most search volume. With the England v USA semi-final coming out as the most popular match. Elsewhere, the USA team captain Alex Morgan was found to be the most searched for player. Her team the USA were also the most searched for team. You can view more insights on the search trends around the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the report from Live Football Tickets here.

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