Must-see football matches week 49

Must-see football matches week 49 | European football

It’s Friday so I’m ready for a new weekend filled with lots of football! In this post I give you three matches everyone should watch this season. It’s getting cold and rainy outside, so what better way to spent your weekend than on the couch with some very interesting matches on the telly. Read this post and find my must-see football matches week 49.

Must-see football matches week 49

Juventus versus Inter

This is the first match I want to discuss and it’s the first one of this weekend. Juventus and Inter will play tonight at Allianz Stadium in Torino. Inter is getting back to the top of the Serie A this season, but despise a good start of the season, they’re already eleven points behind Juventus. This match is the change for Inter to show they’re becoming a real force again. Juventus will do everything they can to increase the lead over Inter to 14 points.

Chelsea versus Manchester City

The Premier League fans will all be waiting for Saturday evening. The number 4 of the table plays at home against the number one and reigning Premier League champions. Chelsea versus Manchester City is going to be a very interesting match. Maurizio Sarri had a very good start at Chelsea. He got his team rolling and wants to play football with the Blues. They look to be in some kind of form dip with only 4 points from their last 4 matches. Manchester City shows no signs of a form dip at all. Pep’s team won all 7 Premier League matches since the draw against Liverpool. It’s up to Chelsea to show they can compete with the best team in the Premier League.

Schalke 04 versus Borussia Dortmund

Die Kohlenpott derby! Schalke 04 versus Borussia Dortmund is probably the biggest derby in German football. One of the most epic matches between these two teams was the 2017-2018 edition in Dortmund. The home team was 4-0 up after 25 minutes, but Schalke equalised in the dying seconds off the match. Everyone will agree with me that a similar kind of match will be an absolute blast.

Make sure you watch these must-see football matches week 49 and you will have a great weekend!

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