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Perfect midweek football watching schedule

The German Bundesliga has been back for a while now, but this is the week football really is back. Spanish football returned last weekend, the Premier League restarts tomorrow and the Serie A comes back in the weekend. We can watch top tier football each day from now on, so I want to share the optimal football watching schedule for midweek football.

Perfect football watching schedule

In this post I give the guide for everyone how to survive this midweek watching football without missing the important matches.


Start tonight by watching Borussia Mönchengladbach versus Wolfsburg on 5.30pm. After this match it’s time for Bayern Munich away against Werder Bremen. Die Rekordmeister can win the Bundesliga in this match. This match starts at 7:30 pm and finishes around 9:15 pm. After this match you immediately need to switch to Barcelona versus Leganes. This match starts at 9:00 pm, so there is a small overlap with the Bayern Munich match.


On Wednesday I will start with watching the first 30 minutes of Eintracht Frankfurt versus Schalke 04. This match starts at 5:30 pm. After an half an hour I switch to Aston Villa versus Sheffield for the return of the Premier League. At 8:15 it’s time for the first top match in the Premier League. Manchester City plays at home against Arsenal. Both teams want to finish in the top 4, so it’s going to be an interesting comeback of the Premier League. After this match it’s time to switch to Osasuna versus Atletico Madrid for the second half.


On Thursday it’s time to focus on La Liga. Start the football evening at 7:30 pm with the match between Alaves and Real Sociedad. After this match it’s time for a top match in Spain with the battle between Real Madrid and Valencia. Real Madrid is chasing Barcelona for the title, while Valencia tries to finish on a European football spot.

This is my midweek football watching schedule. Which matches don’t you want to miss these days?

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