Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri is the bigger man and leaves Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri just won his first big trophy as a professional football manager. His team completely diminished Arsenal Fc in the final of the Europa League. For the Italian manager this is a beautiful end of a strange and tough season in England. According to several media outlets, he has decided to leave Chelsea and go back to Italy. Juventus Fc is interested in his services, so this would be a perfect opportunity for him to go to a club where he can win more trophies. Chelsea and his supporters never really gave Sarri the support he deserves. There’s a big chance the club would have sacked him in the summer, that’s why I think he’s the bigger man by deciding to leave himself. In this article I will use some keywords to describe the season he had in London.

Late start for Maurizio Sarri

Preseason was already well underway when Chelsea decided to fire their previous manager Antonio Conte. This meant it was a late start for Maurizio Sarri. The Italian manager was appointed halfway preseason and therefore didn’t had a complete preseason to install his ideas at the team. This shows for me exactly how unstructured the club is working. Everybody knew for months they would going to sack Conte, but they waited until halfway July to do it.


The Kepa incident is the all time low of Sarri’s career at Chelsea Football Club. The Spanish record signing refused to get of the pitch in the EFL Cup final. He had a slight injury and Sarri didn’t want to risk going into the penalty serie with an injured goalkeeper. Kepa however, refused to get off the pitch and end up losing the match after penalties. At one point Sarri was so angry that he stormed off the pitch

No Sarriball

Many Chelsea fans were exited about this appointment, but got disappointed during the season. They don’t believe we’ve seen a lot of Sarriball and they want him out of their club. Even after finished third, reaching the EFL Cup final and winning the Europa League. This is clearly the mentality at this club. If you take Arsenal for example, they finished 5th and lost the Europa League final, but they majority of their fanbase thinks Emery deserves time to built on his team.

I personally think Sarri did a good job at Chelsea and above all I really hope he can finalise the move to Juventus.

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