Matthijs De Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt in spotlights after Bayern victory

Champions League at the expense of PSG. But it could have just turned out differently if Matthijs de Ligt had not been drafted. The Dutchman played an excellent game and was very important by getting a ball off the line. The German press and his teammates were therefore full of praise for the Dutchman. At 0-0 in the 38th minute, De Ligt intervened when the goal was already empty. PSG player Vitinha seemed to score, but the Dutch defender prevented that. Free bets on Bayern to win the Champions League might be worth a try! Press and players praise De Ligt for his efforts in this tie against PSG. The Dutch defender kept PSG from scoring together with his fellow CB Upamecano. Is this the best CB pairing at the moment? For sure it’s the pairing with the most potential for the next decade.

Matthijs de Lift World class

Bild hands out a lot of compliments: ‘What a rescue from De Ligt! The Dutchman is the star in Bayern’s defense. De Ligt also saved his team, together with Alfonso Davies and Yann Sommer, when Lionel Messi had a triple chance.’ De Ligt gets a 1 from Abendzeitung München. But don’t stress, in Germany that is the best rating. “He’s the left side of a three-part necklace. He was Bayern’s man. Messi bounced against the Dutchman’s body. His rescue after Sommer’s blunder was world class.’ Finally, Kicker writes: ‘De Ligt saves very strong. Vitinha produced a clear shot after a bitter mistake by Sommer, but De Ligt got the ball off the line with a frantic tackle.’

Summer and Muller

De Ligt therefore saved the skin of Bayern goalkeeper Yann Sommer. “That rescue was incredible,” said the Swiss. “I’ve said it a few times, but I put a truck full of Swiss chocolate in front of his front door. It’s great what he did there. If things had gone wrong there, the game could have taken a different course.” Thomas Müller also praised his Dutch teammate. “Matthijs cleared from the line, which was a big moment for us. Seeing Matthijs de Ligt fighting for that ball changed the feeling about this game.”

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