Liverpool title race run-in

Liverpool title race run-in | 8 matches to go

The season is heading towards the latter stages with just 8 more game weeks to go. This is the time where the silverware is getting divided. That’s why I would like to take a look at the 2018-2019 Premier League title race run-in. Yesterday I’ve talked about Man City, now it’s time for the Liverpool title race run-in.

Liverpool title race run-in

Fulham (away)

Funnily enough Liverpool’s next fixture is the same at Man City’s. Just like the Citizens, Liverpool plays away against Fulham next. Fulham is destined to get relegated at the end of this season, so Liverpool shouldn’t have a problem with this match. The Reds

Tottenham Hotspur (Home)

The Spurs aren’t in their best form of the season and Liverpool showed they are always up for it when they meet another top 6 team. That’s why I expect a very good performance in this match and Liverpool will win this match. Whenever the struggle it’s always against the lesser teams in the league.

Southampton (Away)

Southampton away can be a tough match for Liverpool. The Saint are still fighting against relegation and just recently managed to beat Tottenham Hotspur. This match is in the weekend before Liverpool’s first Champions League quarter final match

Chelsea (Home)

Chelsea is another team fighting for a top 4 finish. At the same time they’re in the Europa League. Both teams are in between 2 European matches and might need to rest some players. I’m sure Klopp isn’t going to rest anyone, since the Premier League is their main target this season. If Chelsea has a serious chance of reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League, this might be their best chance of qualifying for next seasons Champions League. This will influence the match between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Cardiff City (Away)

When Liverpool manages to win both the Spurs and Chelsea matches, they are in a very good position. Cardiff City is the first of some “easier” matches. Liverpool has too much quality in their squad to lose points in this away match against Cardiff City.

Huddersfield Town (Home)

Huddersfield Town is already 16 points behind the safe zone and it’s a matter of time before they get relegated back to the Championship. Relegation should be a fact at the time Liverpool plays at home against the Terriers and therefore I don’t see any other possible outcome than a Liverpool win.

Newcastle United (Away)

There’s a very big chance that Newcastle United is safe when this math is played. Teams who don’t have anything to play for are usually a bit less sharp. Liverpool will definitely be sharp if they are still fighting for the League. That’s why Liverpool shouldn’t have a problem in this match against Newcastle.

Wolverhampton Wanderers (Home)

Wolverhampton Wanderers is the biggest surprise of this season. After getting promoted to the Premier League they haven’t been in fear of relegation at all. The Wolves even managed to got quite a lot of points of the top 6 teams this year. That being said, if this is the match that will decide the title, I’m convinced Liverpool is going to win it.

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