Goalkeeper transfer carousel

Liverpool opens goalkeeper transfer carousel

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool is building a really strong squad during the course of this summer. They already signed Keita in the last summer and now added Fabinho, Shaqiri and most recently Alisson Becker. The Brazilian goalkeeper who was the first keeper for his nation during the World Cup, moves to Liverpool for a record fee of £66.8 million. This transfer will be the big opener for the goalkeeper transfer carousel.

Goalkeeper transfer carousel

Every transfer window has a similar shape. It’s waiting until the big clubs are going to sign their big guns before it kicks off. I think this is going to be the transfer that kicks of this transfer carousel. The signing of Buffon for PSG was the first big goalkeeper signing, but Juventus was already prepared for this scenario. AS Roma is now the next team that wants to sign a new goalkeeper. Real Madrid goalkeeper Jesus Navas is one of the names on Roma’s list. When they get this deal done, Real Madrid will sign Thibaut Courtois, leaving Chelsea searching for a new goalkeeper. And so will things go on during this transfer window.

Strange transfer window

The opener of this goalkeeper transfer carousel is going to be the beginning of a very strange transfer window. The transfer window in the Premier League closes two days before the start of the season, while other European competitions go on until the end of August. So Premier League teams can still loose players while they aren’t able to buy replacements anymore. All by all it’s going to be a very interesting next few weeks. Which teams are going out on the market and which teams will be quiet and have faith in their current squad.

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