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Liga Pro Fifa betting guide, the ultimate e-sports betting tips

E-sports is on the raise for many years, but it really has taken a flight since the Corona outbreak. Football can’t be played in lockdown, but everybody with a gameconsole can play some Fifa at home. There is one tournament in particular that’s favoured by the betters since there isn’t much else to bet on. The Liga Pro Fifa tournament is the place to go for people who used to bet on football matches. I’ve been analysing the first 55 Liga Pro tournament of this month in order to see if there’s some interesting information in it for the betters. In this post I share my findings with everybody.

Liga Pro Fifa tournament

For the people who don’t know this tournament I give a brief introduction. Liga Pro Fifa tournament is a league with 17 Russian Fifa players. Every player has his own Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) with some of the best players from the past and present. They play three tournaments from Tuesday to Saturday and two on Sunday and Monday. Five out of the 17 players participate in a tournament. After they’ve all played each other once, four teams continue to the semi-finals. Because these players are very advanced in FUT, they all created a team around one European football team. From the logo, to the kits and the coach on the side, it’s all based around teams like Liverpool, Barcelona and Ajax.

Liga Pro FiFa Tournament winners

Liga Pro TrophiesI would like to start with a list of all the tournament winners. This gives everybody an idea who are the better players in this league. In the image above you can see Kabush (KAB) is the most successful player over the first 55 tournaments in May. He won the tournament 7 times and finished 3 times as runner-up. In the other 6 tournament he played, he finished 3rd 3 times and 3 times outside of the podium. Kazan (RUB) also won 7 tournaments, but he finished only twice as runner-up. Catalonia completes the top 3 with 6 golden trophies and 3 silver ones. Three players (Fc Dimonchello, Inactive TV and Forze) didn’t win any of the tournaments they played in.

Interesting facts for betters

Liga Pro Interesting facts

  • In previous paragraph you can see how many medals each players has won in this period of 55 tournaments. But before you go blindly betting on KAB, please take your time to look at these facts above. Even though he doesn’t make it into the top 3, Papa Krych (ROB) is the most effective player in this league. He won the tournament 6 times from 11 participations. This gives him a win rate of 54.5%, which is a lot better than the 43% of Kabush (2nd based on win rate).
  • Papa Krych (ROB), Gambit (GMB) and Vega Squadron (VEG) are the only three players who always qualified for the semi-finals.
  • This tournament is usually a true party for the over goal betters. In the 55 tournaments I’ve analysed a total of 198 goals have been scored. With 14 matches per tournament, this is an average of 3.6 goals per match.
  • The worst tournament for goal betters was one with only 35 goals, which is an average of 2.5 goals per match.
  • 66 goals was the number scored in the most productive tournament, an average of 4.7 goals per match.
  • Catalonia Fc (CFC), Nyancat Fc (NFC) and West Coast UTD (WCU) are the only three players during this 55 tournament, with a 100% strike rate in the match for the third place. All three of them won every time they played this match.
  • Royal Bears isn’t one of the better players, from the 15 participations, he won only three medals. Interestingly enough he’s the only players with a 100% win rate in the final. He won both finals he played in this period.

Tips for betting on Fifa E-sports

Liga Pro betting tipsIf you decide you would like to bet on this Liga Pro tournament, these are the tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Watch the matches live on The most heard comment in the Twitch chat is: “This game is fixed” a lot. That doesn’t always mean a match is really fixed. But I’m pretty confident some matches are fixed and you will pick them out while watching a match. Sometimes players don’t even try to score a goal, if you see that you will know it’s not worth to bet on over goals. Under might be a good idea in that case!
  2. Look at the standings on At the end of the group stage there are always certain teams that need a result. Catalonia is one of the players who plays on his best when he needs to win to qualify for the final, but he isn’t bothered when he’s already qualified. This is important to know when you bet on the matches at the end of the group stage.
  3. Always keep an eye on the odds! The bookies are just like a relatively new to e-sports, just like us. Sometimes the odds aren’t always what they should be. One example I’ve got is last week when Papa Krych played the semi-final against one of the teams at the bottom of the table. He was 1-0 behind early in the match and the odds for him to win were 10/1. During the first half, the odds steadily became lower and lower even though the score was still 1-0 at half-time. In the second half he scored 3 goals and won the match. This shows sometimes the bookies aren’t at the top of their own game and you should use this to your profit.
  4. Go for goals! With a average of 3.6 goals per game over 55 tournaments (770 matches) I can say going for goals is very beneficial. Over 3.5 is always worth a try, but if you steadily go for over 2.5 you will always make profit during the tournament.
  5. This is probably the most important tip! Never bet more than you can afford! When the fun stops, stop!!!!! Betting is for fun and to make some profit, but you should never take it too far! There are always more important things in life!!!


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