Seville Derby by La Liga Restart

La Liga restart: 5 things to look forward to!

Today is the day fans of Spanish football were looking forward to for a while. Spanish football started yesterday, but today is the day La Liga returns. In this article we give you 5 reasons why you should be looking forward to the La Liga restart.

La Liga restart 5 important things

1. Derby to begin

La Liga restart is one to really looking forward to. We start tonight with the Seville Derby between Real Betis and Sevilla Fc. Sevilla is currently in third place in La Liga. Real Betis is in 12th place and not really playing for anything the remainder of this season. Nevertheless they will love to win this match and decrease Sevilla’s opportunities to get into the Champions League. So I will recommend everyone to sit in front of the television tonight to enjoy the Seville derby.

2. The classic title-race

The title-race is one between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The classic title-race we all hope for each season. Barcelona is currently in first place with a lead of 2 points over Real Madrid. Barca won four out of the last five seasons. That’s why Real Madrid is highly motivated to win the title this season. Unfortunately both El Classico’s are already played this season, but there are still a lot of interesting battles for both title contenders. OddsGurun thinks Barcelona the two point gap is enough for Barcelona to win the title again this season.

3. Lionel Messi

For many people the best player in the world. Who doesn’t want to see him play? The 32 year-old Argentinian player is currently the top scorer of La Liga. He’s also the leader of the assists board with 12 assists. Since he’s getting older and older, this is your chance to watch him live as long as we can! A few moments of brilliance of Lionel Messi alone, is worth to watch Barcelona matches.

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