Kepa new Chelsea goalkeeper

Kepa new Chelsea goalkeeper for 71 million GBP

We’ve expected a true goalkeeper carrousel a few weeks ago, but things stayed pretty quiet for awhile. With the transfer market deadline incoming(The Premier League transfer window shuts down tomorrow) are things really set to go off. Chelsea is ready to make Kepa Arrizabalaga the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. Allison Becker’s status as most expensive goalkeeper only lasted for a few weeks. This deal clears the road for Courtois to Madrid. The Belgium goalkeeper’s kids live in Madrid with his ex wife. This is for him a reason to move back to Spain. Real Madrid want to replace Colombian goalkeeper Jesus Navas, so it’s simple math.

Kepa new Chelsea goalkeeper

The rumours about a Courtois move were going on ever since the World Cup. Everybody was wondering which goalkeeper Chelsea were after to replace him. Allison Becker was their first option, but he preferred Liverpool over the Blues. The rumours about a move for Kepa Arrizabalaga started a few days ago. The Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper had a buy-out clause in his contract for 80 million Euro’s (71 million GBP). Chelsea is willing to pay this amount which gives Bilbao no chance of denying Kepa his transfer to the Premier League.

The 23 year old goalkeeper made his debut for Atheltic de Bilbao at the highest level in the 2016-2017 season. He played 54 matches for his current club. In the summer he joined the Spanish squad during the World Cup in Russia, where he was the third goalkeeper behind David de Gea and Pep Reina. He is a young and talented goalkeeper with a bright future ahead of him. Since he is still young and will make his debut in the Premier League, Chelsea fans can’t expect a flawless season from Kepa. It’s completely normal that a young player makes some mistakes. We all hope he will hit the ground running for Chelsea and grows to become one of the best goalkeepers of this time.

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