Julen Lopetegui

Julen Lopetegui running out of time in Madrid

I think we all remember the strange timing of the announcement that Julen Lopetegui was the new Real Madrid manager. The former manager of the national team of Spain, got announced a few days before they played the first World Cup match against Portugal. He got fired by the Spanish FA, which was completely justified in my opinion. He signed for Real Madrid a few days before managing his team at the biggest tournament in the world of football and at what costs? This strange timing cost him the experience of a lifetime.

At this moment, about six months after this decision, his job at Real Madrid is very insecure. Real Madrid haven’t won a single of their last FIVE official matches. They lost four of them and drew against Atletico Madrid. The big question is now: Is Lopetegui running out of time? Or will the Madrid board give him the time to turn things around?

Is Julen Lopetegui the right man for Real Madrid?

Personally, I was quite impressed by the work he did with the Spanish national team, but I got my suspicions when he decided to sign for Real Madrid a few days before the World Cup. The whole timing of this decision, wasn’t a clever one. The second fault he made was during the course of the summer. Because of the firing from the national team, he got all the time to form a strong team for this season, but despite Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the club, they didn’t signed any big players.

Now we’re starting to see why this is a mistake. Real Madrid is nowhere near the level we’ve seen from them in the last couple of seasons. The biggest mistake he’s making was during the last match for me. They hadn’t one four consecutive matches, but Lopetegui decided to start with Bale and Benzema on the bench. I can’t get my head around this move. When you’re a big club like Real Madrid and really need to win a match, start your best team! Their now up to Viktoria Plzen and Barcelona in the next week, two matches that are going to decide his future.

Gambling on new manager

Even though Lopetegui is still the manager, there are already options to bet on who’s going to be the new Real Madrid manager. Former Juve and Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is the favourite with the odds 7/4. If you’re a gambler but don’t want to wait too long to know the result of your bet, you can always go and use online slots. Then you always know the result of your gambling activity within a few second.

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