Jong Ajax versus NEC Nijmegen

Jong Ajax versus NEC Nijmegen part II

Tonight is a special night for the players of Jong Ajax and NEC Nijmegen. Jong Ajax, is the second team of the Amsterdam football club and they play in the Jupiler League, the second tier of Dutch football. Read all you need to know about Jong Ajax versus NEC Nijmegen.

Jong Ajax versus NEC Nijmegen important?

You might ask is this match really important in the Jupiler League, yes it is. Jong Ajax versus NEC Nijmegen is a match between the numbers two and three of the Jupiler League table. Both teams are only two points behind the leaders Fortuna Sittard. Jong Ajax can’t promote to the Eredivisie, so it’s especially important for NEC and Fortuna Sittard. If Ajax wins again they will take over the first place, but Fortuna stays two points in from of NEC, which is important for the promotion. After this one, there are only two rounds left.

KNVB blunders

Both teams already played this match on the 6th of April, but the KNVB (The Dutch FA) blundered before this match. Every team receives a list with suspended players before the match. Ajax player Teun Bijleveld was missing on this list, while he should have been on there because he received his fifth yellow card in the match before. Ajax contacted the KNVB about this but they said he was free to play. Bijleveld played and Jong Ajax won the match with 2-0. NEC Nijmegen noticed the KNVB made a mistake about Bijleveld’s availability and appealed against the result of this match. The KNVB acknowledged their mistake and voided the result of this match. In Jong Ajax versus NEC Nijmegen part II it’s up to both teams to play for the first place again.

First blunder?

Somehow things aren’t going smoothly at the KNVB the last few years. The association is basically a real mess. The sign the wrong managers for the national team and make mistakes like this. Earlier this season their was a match in the Dutch Cup between Fc Lisse and Hoek. This match ended in a draw, so penalties where necessary to call a winner. The referee used the ABBA system for the penalties instead of ABAB. Fc Lisse won and Hoek appealed. Also in this case the KNVB voided the result and Hoek needed to go back to Lisse for a new penalty serie.

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