Youssoufa Moukoko

Is Youssoufa Moukoko really 18 years old?

At the beginning of January it was reported that age fraud is a major problem in Cameroon. For example, 21 youth players turned out to be older than stated on their passport. According to the Austrian medium Laola1, Moukoko’s birth certificate has also been reported incorrectly and he was not born in 2004, but in 2000.

How old is Youssoufa Moukoko?

There are doubts about the actual age of super talent Youssoufa Moukoko from Borussia Dortmund. He would not be eighteen years old, but 22. As a result, several clubs are no longer interested in the striker. According to the Austrian publication Laola1, the teen’s birth certificate may have been misrepresented and he is 22 years old, not 18 years old. Moukoko’s adoptive father is said to have sent the actual birth certificate to a journalist in an e-mail, with the name Youssoufa Mohamadou, born in 2000. That would be about Moukoko. Odds for his next club are changing a lot. It’s safe to say people can keep their free bets to themselves for some more time.


BILD can confirm reports from the Daily Mail and claim that Chelsea and Newcastle United are no longer interested in Moukoko, who played for Germany at the World Cup in Qatar. Doubts about Moukoko’s age have been around for years. In 2017, these doubts were allayed by the district office of Hamburg Nord, which officially confirmed that 20 November 2004 is written on his birth certificate. However, the discussion flared up again when the German medium Der Spiegel claimed to have seen another birth certificate shared by Moukoko’s adoptive father. However, publication of this document is prohibited by law, which means that there is still a lack of clarity.

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