Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech speaks with his feet

Ajax player Hakim Ziyech is the subject of abuse by a small part of the Ajax fans. During this season so called Ajax fans booed every-time Ziyech touched the ball. The proud Moroccan player was hurt by this abuse and decided to stop cheering when he scored. This made things even worse. Fans started shouting: “Ziyech rot op” which means Ziyech fuck off. As an Ajax fan myself I’m so annoyed by so called fans who disrespect their own players.

Abuse of Hakim Ziyech

Last Sunday Ajax lost their match against PSV. This result didn’t go well with the hooligans. They waited for the bus to arrive back in Amsterdam and stopped it before it could reach the home ground. Hooligan started banging on the bus and shouted the players needed to come out. The players came out of the bus and it became a heated conversation between fans and players. One fan pushed Hakim Ziyech out of anger. It really hurts me to hear hooligan acting like this around this beautiful club.

Hakim Ziyech this season

The Moroccan player is by far the best player at Ajax this season. Not that I’m advocating fans bullying bad players, but you need to cherish your best players. He’s such a good player who always scores his goals and puts teammates in front of the goalkeeper. I really expected him to stop playing for Ajax after he got pushed by the fan. But to my surprise he was in the line-up for the match against VVV yesterday. Even in this match he spoke with his feet. He showed some great skills, passed like a boss and scored a good goal. This shows me Hakim Ziyech speaks with his feet.

The future

Ziyech has a World Cup tournament to focus on this summer. He will go to Russia with Morocco and I think this will be a decisive tournament for his future. If he can continue his current form to this tournament, he will make a good transfer in the summer. Although I really hope he will stay at Ajax, I really grant him a transfer. He is a Riyad Mahrez type and he will do a good job in a bigger competition than the Eredivisie.

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