Gerwyn Price

Gerwyn Price rekindles his rugby career

For Gerwyn Price, the last PDC World Cup turned out to be a disappointment. The 37-year-old Welshman does not yet know whether he will ever return to Alexandra Palace. But one thing Price knows for sure this year, he will be donning his rugby boots again for his local team in South Wales. “I need a little bit of my life back, I need some of that adrenaline,” Price told the BBC.

Combination between Rugby and Darts

“The only question is when, because I have to see when it can be combined with the darts tournaments,” Price continues. “I’m going to play a lot of tournaments at the beginning of the year and if I have enough ranking points, I’ll miss a few tournaments to catch some rugby matches. Hopefully I’ll stay injury-free.” Price went out in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in both 2022 and 2023. “Obviously it was disappointing to go out in the quarter-finals in the last two years. If I had been given a fair chance in those games, the results could have been very different. If I leave the tournament in the quarter-finals or in the last 16 , it’s pointless that I’m even there. So if I perform well all year and can win a few majors then I don’t have to go to the World Cup, you never know.”

Gerwyn Price doubt

‘The Iceman’ therefore still has doubts about participating in the World Cup. At the last World Cup, he even put on headphones to counteract the cheering of the audience. “It keeps me focused and drowns out minor noises around you, like one or two people yelling or a few boos or whistles when you go for a double. But when I put them on, the whole crowd kicked in, so it was totally the opposite of what I wanted I’m not saying I’ll never use them again but hopefully the audience just understands I need them for my focus, I need them for my game if those individuals don’t give me a fair shot. ”

World Cup audience

“I don’t know if they have different audiences at the World Cup. But the booing always seems to be there in the final stages of the tournament, just when it gets important. It seems to be just that one tournament, because otherwise the whole season was very good. But that one tournament is the most important of the year,” concludes Price.

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