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The internet is full of free bets, but where can you find the right ones? Save your time, since we’ve collected the best online free bets for you.


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The best free bets online

Betting can be fun, winning money is even better. But there’s always the risk you will lose some of your own money. There is a better way though! What if we say there are ways to bet with money that isn’t yours? The competition amongst bookmakers is extremely high. The betting market is one of the biggest markets in the UK. Billions and billions of Pounds go around in the betting industry. In the UK alone there are more than 6.000 betting shops. More than 30 betting sites are active online. Each and every single bookmakers want to fight for your attention. Free bets are their main way to get your attention.

Free bets are the way to get your attention

Bookmakers have of course all the power to attract your attention. Some of them use boosted odds to get your attention. Sometimes an odd is boosted to 30 times the regular odd. But there is usually a catch. When the bookies boost an odd with factor 30, it’s very likely you can only put a bet of 1 pound. Which means you can only make very little profit with your bet. That’s why we focus on free bets.

There always are bookmakers who give you a couple of free bets in return for you creating an account at their website. Usually, you need to make a certain deposit to receive free bets worth of 50/100 sometimes even 200 per cent of your deposit. This way you can get a head start with your betting career at the new bookmaker.

We find the best bookies with freebets for you!

Time is money, so we understand how valuable your time is. Since you can’t go and check every single bookmaker to find the best freebets deal, we’ve done it for you. We keep on checking websites of every bookmaker to find the best deals for you. As soon as new deal are coming in, we will know about it and update it on our website. You can be sure our website is the best place to find your free bets. When you’ve rewarded yourself with some nice free bets, you can check our expert tips to see what’s the best way to make money with your free money.

Free bet calculator

The most experienced gamblers look at all the numbers before putting their bets out. Most of them use a free bet calculator, to find out how much stake they need to enter to get the profit they need. We suggest this free bet calculator for everyone who wants to use one before betting. Use this when you play with our expert betting tips.

Expert betting tips

Want to make the most out of your money while betting? Follow our betting expert tips!