FPL Return: My Fantasy Premier League strategy

The transfer deadline just surpassed, so it’s time to share my strategy for the FPL return. Covid-19 stopped the Premier League for months, so FPL decided to give every player unlimited transfers for Gameweek 30. I’m a lucky owner of the Bench Boost, Wildcard and Free Hit chips, so I was kinda sad they gave everyone a sort of wildcard. I’m currently second in my mini-league with 12 players. The top three wins money at the end of this season. I’m 57 points behind the number 1, 37 points in front of the number 3 and 50 points in ahead of the number 4.

FPL Return: my strategy

All-in! I can’t describe it any better than this. With only 9 game weeks to go, I decided to go all-in on Game week 30. This is the last double game week (unless something happens again), so this is the moment to make or break my season. I’ve got no idea what my competitors are doing (I’m hoping they forgot the deadline). I decided to built a team specifically for game week 30. After this double game week, I will use my wildcard to make a completely different team. Immediately after building my gw30 team I activated my bench boost. I can’t thinking of any better week for this in the remainder of this season.

My team

It’s time to look at my team.

My FPL return team

As you can see I went for 11 players with a double game week, plus four single game week players. I’ve got some money invested in the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Raul Jimenez, so I decided to keep them in my team. I’m not sure if Saka will play both matches for Arsenal, but he’s a cheap option so I’m prepared to take the risk. Aguero and Aubameyang are both double game week striker who should bring me a lot of points.

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